Our good friend lanadelrusev, made this amazing artwork, so we decided to spotlight her!

Congratulations to Jimmy Uso and Naomi. Another successful wedding planned by Alicia Fox. 

Why is Justin Gabriel at the wedding? Is his new gimmick a Wedding Crasher?

Naomi’s Dad: You done so good, Trin. You done so good.
Naomi: C’mon, Dad. Superman does good. I did well. 

Natalya: Let’s do some roleplaying, Tyson. I’m the Enhancement Talent. And You’re The Repo Man. 

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love your blog

Thank You!

Tyson Kidd: Friendzone Success Story

Doctor: Is this Eva Marie?
Eva Marie: Yes.
Doctor: This is your Doctor and *Bad News Barrett’s voice * I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS!
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